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12 Burger King Coupons

Burger King is not only known for their delicious burgers and sandwiches but also for the generous coupons that give a lot of discounts on everything in their menu. This time they have overdone themselves and are offering 12 different coupons, starting from free offers to discount meals. Those who are used to eating their meals for lunch, dinner or even breakfast can now choose from several free additions to their order.

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Here’s what’s included

Burger King Coupons 2012If you are hungrier than usual, take your business to Burger King since when buying one dish, you get two for the same price. With an order of Chicken Parmesan Sandwich you get another one for free, the same also applies if you desire a Croissan’wich, a Whopper or an Original Chicken Sandwich. Whichever one you choose, you get 2 for the price of one. Like always, there are also some restrictions, for example you can’t get specialty versions of the sandwiches or a double Croissan’wich, but it is still a pretty good deal and you will definitely feel full after eating a double order.

If you feel that you would like something sweet and fresh after finishing up your sandwiches, try one of the delicious Real Fruit Smoothies. No matter which flavor you prefer, with the right coupon you get two for the price of one again.
Besides free offers, there are Burger King coupons that help you save a lot on your meal. You can get a Whopper Meal For Two for only $7.99. For the price you get 2 Whopper Sandwiches, 2 Small Fries and 2 drinks. If you are at the Burger King to grab a quick breakfast, use a coupon to get a breakfast for two for only $5.99. Each of you gets a Croissan’wich, small Hash Browns and a coffee. This offer is only available in the morning hours.

Those who visit Burger King for lunch, can enjoy a Whopper Meal for Two for only $7.99 or a Chicken Nuggets Meal for Two for only $6.99. Both deals are great and fill you up quickly. If you are not that hungry or are visiting the restaurant with kids, bring along a coupon that gives you 2 Whopper JR Sandwiches and 2 Small French Fries for $3.99. Kids will surely enjoy their meal or maybe you could use a quick bite yourself.

Burger King has not forgotten the ever so hungry customers who come to their restaurant to have a large enough dinner to last them until morning. There is a coupon available that gives the whole BK Bundle for just $9.99. This means you get 1 Whopper, 1 Whopper JR, 10 pc Chicken nuggets, 3 small french fries and 3 drinks. Plenty for a small party of three or you could eat it all yourself if you are really hungry.

Offer expires on 11/04/12

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