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Baja Fresh Club Baja Offers

Baja Fresh has been making the best Mexican grill and other Mexican favorites for over a decade now. This fast and casual Tex Mex chain has put a special emphasize on using only fresh ingredients. Each of their restaurants also have a salsa bar. It’s no wonder Americans love the food they are offering, since they don’t use any canned food, any frozen food and no lard.

All Baja Fresh fans can join their exclusive Club Baja. It’s a members club where you get great offers all the time. Twice a month Baja Fresh will email you their news, best discounts and promotions, coupons, info about new menu items and everything else that may benefit you. These exclusive offers are available only for the members of Club Baja. Once you have signed up, you can log in to see your offers.

When signing up, you don’t have to wait for their first email to take advantage of your Club Baja benefits. Only for signing up and for filling in your name, email and birthday info, you already get a free Taco. You can enjoy your freebie the next time you dine at Baja Fresh, just don’t forget to bring along your coupon.

But that’s not all. You don’t have to fill in your birthday for nothing. As a Club Baja member, you get a surprise from Baja Fresh when your birthday arrives. Together with congratulations, they also send you a gift – a free burrito. Whether you are just looking to spend your lunch break in Baja Fresh on your birthday or you want to take your family out to celebrate, I’m sure a free burrito won’t hurt and will surely hit the spot.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you buy – sign up, get your free taco and wait for your birthday to enjoy your free burrito. Also, don’t forget to check your  mail for any  new special deals or promotions that are available only for Club Baja members.

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  1. Joe says:

    nice offer, I’ll try this, thanks!

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