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Baskin Robbins Birthday Club – Free Ice Cream

Baskin-Robbins is a chain of ice cream parlors that has been serving delicious treats for half a century. With over 5,000 stores, they may as well be the largest ice cream chain in the world. They started by serving 31 different flavors, as you an also see from their logo if you pay attention. Today, their offer is even more diverse, but 31 is still a symbol for them.

Ice cream and birthdays go hand in hand and that’s why Baskin Robbins has created a birthday club and is happy for all new members. If you want to know all about their promotions and offers and you want a free gift for your birthday, sign up on their website. You get several freebies just by submitting some quick info. Most importantly, you get a free ice cream on your birthday that you can redeem in any of their locations. You also get a discount if you want to buy a birthday cake. And that is still not all, there is good news for those who just can’t wait until their birthday to get a free offer. After signing up, you get a BOGO scoop offer, plus you also get all the promotions and deals that Baskin Robbins has coming straight into your inbox regularly. Take advantage of these offers and sign up here.

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