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Ben and Jerry’s Coupons – Free Ice Cream On Your Birthday + $3 Off a Cake

Do you know that it is a Free Ice Cream Day on April 8? Well, if you head out to Ben & Jerry’s on that very day, then you will be treated to a free ice cream cone. No coupons and no purchases necessary. There won’t be any questions asked either. You’ll be handed free ice cream just by being there!
The ice cream flavors to be distributed on April 8 will be a surprise. But all the Ben & Jerry’s stores promise that it will be a funky and chunky one to suit the ice cream lover in you. All they ask is for you to be a fan of their Facebook page. The free ice cream cone is actually their way of saying Thank You to all of those who already liked their page.
So if you want to join in the fun, mark your calendars today. Make no other plans on the 8th of April other than to be at Ben & Jerry’s. It will surely be a very delicious day all of us! See you there!

Ben And Jerrys Coupons Update

1) Free Ice Cream On Your Birthday + $3 Off a Cake
Expires: Expires Soon.
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