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Black Angus Steakhouse offers Two Sumptuous Discount Coupons

When you can’t cook for two or for yourself this holiday season, go get your coat and grab a tasty meal from the Black Angus Steakhouse at a very reasonable price. Two coupons are currently being offered, one of which is Campfire Feast Dinner for Two and the other is the Top Sirloin Steak Lobster and Shrimp single meal.

The Campfire Feast Dinner for Two coupon proposes a $39.99 budget on a full meal for two persons offered with appetizer, entrée, and dessert. You and your companion gets to choose which appetizer from the Steakhouse Starter set to try, then match it with your choice of entrees. Each entrée is served with two side dishes. Match that again with your choice of dessert and you get the complete order. That’s everything you get for $39.99. Entrée choices include Prime Rib, New York, Top Sirloin, Filet Mignon, Salmon, Chicken, and Ribeye.

The other offer is a single meal worth only $17.99 with the coupon. For that measly amount you’ll get the trio – Top Sirloin Steak, lobster, and shrimp – coupled with sweet molasses bread and butter. And two side dishes of your choice too! Now these really are the coupon deals you’ve long been waiting for. Get them here!

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