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Low Calorie Fast Food: Your Best Choices

Eating at fast foods has long stopped to be just a fad. In fact, it has become a necessity these days. In today’s fast-paced world, anything instant is a godsend – fast food meals included. However, a lot of health experts say that eating at fast food every day is not good for you. With the high fat and calorie content of these food items, how can anyone enjoy a quick meal without having to worry about poor nutrition? Here are low calorie fast food items that are worth ordering:

1. Crispy Thin Pizza
If you can’t resist a slice, you might as well stick to the thin crust types. And be sure that you don’t eat more than two slices.

2. Chicken Strips
If you are craving for chicken, forget the big chunks and go for the strips instead. Strips are healthier because it contains pure meat. Just be sure that you don’t go beyond three slices.

3. Lean burger without mayonnaise
Cut on the dressing if you want low calorie fast food. Be sure that the buns are made of whole wheat. The burger patty of course, has to be made of lean beef.

4. Juice
Don’t order soda, even if it’s diet soda. You’ll do better with a glass of orange juice or iced tea. Carbonated drinks are high in calories.

5. Fresh garden salad
If you can’t do without the side dish, forget French fries. Instead, stick with garden fresh salad. All those leafy goodies are healthier for you.

6. Go for grilled
If you have a choice between grilled or fried, grilled is always better. Grilled meat has no added fats from the oil yet all the meaty goodness remains.

These are the low calorie fast food options that you can order. Stick to these and you’ll make your greasy diner eating a lot healthier.

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