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Carls Jr Coupon For Free Small Beverage

Who doesn’t like Carl’s Jr. The reason why we have grown to like Carl’s Jr because of the delicious choices their menu has to offer and the pace in which their food is made at.

Despite having good food that’s not the only thing Carl’s Jr provides. They offer some of the best deals and coupons in the fast food business.

I wouldn’t say this is their best coupon but I found one that I really liked and I am 100% sure that you will like it as well.

This coupon is active with the purchase of any chicken taquitos with which you’ll recieve a free small beverage.

Not a bad deal, right. Carl’s Jr always has a way of showing their customers they appreciate us.

I advise you to get this coupon while it lasts so that you can save your self some money.

So take action and use this coupon courtesy of Carl’s Jr, it won’t hurt trying.

Expires: 14th of January, 2013

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