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Carl’s Jr. Coupons – Get $1 Off Maple Sausage Egg And Cheese

In this era, when everyone is part of a rat race and time is of essence, fast food sells! The rush is never ending and fast food chains have seen higher rates of growth than they had ever imagined. Having its foundation way back in the year 1941, Carl’s Jr. has seen tremendous growth both in the US market and abroad. With a range of delicious and tempting servings, Carl’s Jr. is certainly a must visit for those who want to enjoy a good culinary experience on the move!
Carl’s Jr. is also having some offers which might be of interest to those who are price conscious. All you need to do is take the coupon to your nearest Carl’s Jr. Outlet to avail $1 off on any size of Maple Sausage (Egg and Cheese) Biscuit combo! Only one coupon allowed per customer per visit and the aforementioned discount cannot be combined with any other offers that is doled out to customers. The offer is applicable only at participating restaurants and is also available during the peak regular breakfast hours! Sounds like a steal? Rush to your nearest Carl’s Jr. Outlet today! Offer valid only till the 20th of November, 2013.

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