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Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza and Salad Coupons

Real fun and excitement happens at Chuck E Cheese’s. Have fun, dine, and play your heart out only at this family-oriented restaurant that has all the important elements in place. Kids can even hold their birthday parties in here!

And with the six exciting coupons that they offer, families with kids are sure to enjoy their meals even better, all at a discounted price. The first coupon is an $18.99 double treat coupon (expired – new coupon below) that is composed of 1 medium pizza, 2 soft drinks, and 30 tokens. It’s the perfect coupon for dates and twosomes.

The second coupon (expired – new coupon below) is worth $24.99 and it is composed of 1 large pizza, 4 soft drinks, and 40 tokens. It’s the coupon recommended for a family of four or less.

But the third coupon (expired – new coupon below) is more exciting at $32.99. This coupon deal comes with 1 large pizza, 4 soft drinks, and 60 tokens. But here’s the juicy part – it also gives you 1 bowl of all-you-can-eat salad at the bar! That should be enough to fill in the tummies of your very active little tots!
The fourth coupon(expired – new coupon below) from Chuck E Cheese’s is for a family of five. For only $49.99, you get 2 orders of a large pizza, 5 soft drinks, and hear this – 110 tokens! This coupon deal will surely assure your family with lots of gaming fun at Chuck E Cheese’s.

The fifth coupon (expired – new coupon below) is for $2 off the all-you-can-eat salad bar while the sixth coupon offers you 100 tokens for only $20. These coupons assure you and your family real fun only at Chuck E Cheese’s. All coupons are valid until May 1, 2013 so print yours today!

Chuck E Cheese Coupons Update

$19.99 for Medium 1-Topping Pizza, 2 Drinks & 30 Tokens + More. Expire:6/30/2014. Print the coupon here

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