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Dippin Dots Coupon free cup of Dippin Dots

If you have your birthday in February and want to receive a free cup of Dippin Dots then this coupon will come in handy. You can print out the coupon and then redeem it at any local store of Dippin Dots or mall location.

Dippin Dots are tasty and unique way to have ice cream on a special day. Dippin Dots are available in many different flavors and they have an enviable product line. Their product line ranges from Original Dots, Dots & Cream, Coffee and Dot Treats.

On their official website you can order their products online and sometimes receive a great discount up to 30 per cent. One can also locate their offline retail stores and mall locations if one enters specific zip code information. To receive the coupons sign up on their website, or just print the one from here.
Expires: 2/28/2013

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