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Hardee’s an Carl’s Jr Coupon – Reclaim your Angus Beef Burger with $1 off

Carls Jr and Hardee’s are famous chain of restaurants in the US. The former is present throughout the country, while the latter is predominantly found in the Southern states. The restaurants are famous for the quality food they serve to the customers. Since the popularity of the stores is high, there are many discount coupons and offers available online which can be redeemed for discounted purchase of food items.

The coupons are valid for one month and the June month coupon is as follows. You can get $1 discount over the purchase of Charbroiled 100% Black Angus Beef, Six Dollar Burger. This is one of the popular food items and the favorite of many people. You can use this coupon before June 30, 2013 to ensure that you get the discount. Only certain restaurants are participating in this discount tariff and hence verify the same. The coupon can be used only once per person, per visit. You cannot combine the coupon with any other offer. The food items once purchased cannot be sold back. More importantly, the coupon can be used only when you visit the restaurants after breakfast hours. If you still have any questions regarding the coupon and the offers, call 877-799-7827.

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