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Jamba Juice Coupon – Smoothie for $2

For a mere $2, you get to enjoy your favorite Jamba Juice. This coupon is for the 16 oz cup and is valid for any flavor. Simply enter in your email and zip code to start with the offer and find the nearest Jamba Juice outlet in your city. Jamba Juice is internationally known as a nutritious yet very delicious drink fit for everybody.

Enter in your details to print the coupon and enjoy the goodness of Jamba Juice as soon as possible. The welcome mail that contains your Jamba Juice $2 coupon will be emailed to you within 24 hours. That’s practically all you have to do to get a cup of Jamba Juice with the spare change in your pocket!

This fantastic deal is offered only to limited registrant so you better hurry. When the required number of takers has been reached, the deal goes off. Waste no time in treating yourself to a yummy Jamba Juice today. Considering Jamba Juice’s popularity, this offer may not last long so don’t think twice about it.

Go ahead and try the newest flavors of Jamba Juice with this fantastic deal. Aside from Jamba Juice’s yummy taste, you also enjoy great savings with this coupon. For the holiday season, the special flavors available are Eggnog Jubilee and Pumpkin Smash. Jamba Juice is that kind of juice that would help you become healthy and active with regular intake. It is quite okay to get addicted to Jamba Juice if you are addicted to healthy living yourself.

Don’t miss this deal and visit your nearest Jamba Juice outlet today with the $2 smoothie coupon in hand. Enjoy a really good drink with lots of nutritional benefits. Add up a tasty sandwich to the smoothie and you make yourself a complete meal. Sign up for the coupon and get Jamba Juicing today.

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