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KFC $100 Gift Card

People like to compare and so do companies. KFC and Popeye fast food restaurants are looking to find out which on of them is better and what people think about them. There is no doubt that they both offer great food and delicious meals, but now you have a chance to get a free $100 gift card to get all this food for free. The card will be yours if you complete a short survey and sign up for the offer. The survey can be found here, all you need to do is to fill it in and you’ll get a chance to win a $100 gift card that can be used in KFC restaurants.

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One Response to KFC $100 Gift Card

  1. Robert Carter says:

    I used to work at Burger King while going to school sure would love to win that free $100 Burger King Gift card and I got free double whoppers plus my break whoppers fries and large drink and dessert to take home with me. I also worked in a KFC a Taco Bell Pizza Restaurant McDonalds Biscuit ille Ole’ Miner and Chinese Japanese restaurant breakfast lunch restaurants and a couple of steak restaurants and steak buffet restaurants when I was 14 I worked in a restaurant and picked bleberries and worked on a farm before moving to Florida 90% of my life going to move back to Miami Florida.

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