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KFC – 5 Coupons For Discounted Meals

KFC is always happy to give out coupons to their loyal customers. This time you can choose from 5 different coupons, depending on how big your appetite and how many people are dining with you. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

  • $2.99 Kid’s Meal. The popular discounted kids meal is still available and by printing out this coupon your kids gets to choose 1 Drumstick, Kid’s Popcorn Chicken or 2 Extra Crispy Strips. The meal comes with a side item, String Cheese and Capri sun.
  • $4.49 2 Pc Meal. Kids don’t have to eat alone, KFC also has a great coupon for adults. This is a meal that will hit the spot when you are looking for a quick bite during lunch time or can also fill you up after work. By presenting this coupon before ordering you get 2 pieces of Chicken (Drumstick & Thigh or Breast & Wing). It can be made according to the Original Recipe, it can be Extra Crispy, Grilled or Mixed. You also get mash potatoes with delicious Gravy, an individual Cole Slaw and a Baked Biscuit.
  • $15.99 8 Pc Family Meal. If you are dining with your small family or a hungry partner, you may need to use this coupon to get a discount on the 8 Pc Meal. This coupon gives you 8 Pieces of Chicken of your choice – Grilled, Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or the Mixed version. You also get large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large Cole Slaw and 4 Baked Biscuits.
  • $22.99 12 Pc Family Meal. For those families that think an 8 Pc meal is not enough, this 12 Pc Family Meal for a discounted price can be just perfect. Your family can enjoy 12 pieces of Chicken, again they can choose the Original Recipe, the Grilled chicken, Extra Crispy of the Mixed option. This meal also comes with a large Cole Slaw, 2 large mashed potatoes and 6 Baked Biscuits.
  • $28.99 16 Pc Meal. Finally, this coupon will give you enough food to feed an entire birthday party or a group of friends. Here is what you will get for just $28.99 – 16 pieces of Chicken, either Grilled, Extra Crispy, Original Recipe or Mixed; 2 large mashed potatoes, 2 large Cole Slaw and 8 Baked Biscuits.

Print out one or all these coupons and take your family to a delicious meal at KFC – American favorite Chicken restaurant.

Expires 12/31/2012

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