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Latest Fast Food Offers from Burger King 2014

Burger King is one of the well-loved burger chains in the country, possibly all over the world. Right now, they have several irresistible deals that the food hunter in you will definitely enjoy. Drop by Burger King’s official website and check out six exciting coupons to avail of today.
Offer #1 – Free Hot Coffee
Simply purchase any breakfast sandwich and you’ll get a cup of steaming hot coffee, free! Do try the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Croissanwich. It’s everybody’s breakfast favorite.
Offer #2 – Add $ 1 each for every breakfast piece
Pay only $1 each for Small Smooth Roast Coffee, 3 pieces French Toast Sticks, or Small Hash Browns. These are perfect additional orders indeed!
Offer #3 – $1 on Rodeo Sandwiches
Where else can you enjoy a $1 burger? Only at Burger King! Grab either the Rodeo Crispy Chicken or the Rodeo Burger. Each for only a dollar!
Offer #4 – $1 BBQ Rib Sandwich
Craving for a barbeque? Then crave no more! For only $1, you can enjoy a BBQ sandwich at Burger King!
Offer #5 – 2 for $5
If you want premium breakfast or if you have a buddy to treat, then this deal is for you. Your choices for the 2 sandwiches for $5 include Premium Alaskan Fish, Original Chicken Sandwich, and the sumputuous Burger King sandwich
Offer #6 – Free Burger King favorites with a BK Crown Card
Do you want free meals every time you visit Burger King? Then be a holder of the BK Crown Card and you’ll enjoy fantastic discounts every time you visit.

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