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Long John Silvers Coupons – 2pc Fish & More Meal Only $4.99

A company known for their emphasis on customer happiness along with their great food is the famous Long John Silver’s. Even though it is the largest seafood fast food chain in America, it has kept its focus on what customers want and that usually means a good deal. Long John Silver’s have been able to keep their great tasting food intact without suffering in terms of quality or customer service. They do this by offering their customers the best deals that they can and many of these come in the form of printable coupons that are available on their website. Some of the offers they give can range from small dishes like a Baked Cod Meal for $5.99 to a huge 8 piece Family Meal for the great price of $14.99. They offer these on their website and can be easily printed and folded up into your wallet whenever you want some great food at a nice discount price. You can also sign up to Long John Silver’s coupon club on their website. Just fill out your details including your email address and phone number and they will alert you personally of their new offers so you will never miss an offer again!

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Long John Silvers Coupons Update

1) $5 Off 8Pc. Family Meal
Expires: Expires Soon.
Download the coupon here.

2) $2 Off Any Variety Platter
Expires: Expires Soon.
Download the coupon here.

3) Current Printable Coupons for Long John Silver’s
Expires: Expires Soon.
Download the coupons here.

4) Talk like a pirate and get a free fried Twinkie; dress like a pirate and get a free Fish & Fry.
Expires: September 19, 2018.
More details.

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