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Ponderosa Steakhouse Coupons – Ohio

Want to enjoy a great steak for a few dollars? Well, you can certainly do so only at Ponderosa. If you’re from Ohio, you definitely know how wonderful the food in this diner can be. And right now, they are offering a whole new treat to their customers. Get your discount coupon straight from Ponderosa’s website today and start enjoying steaks at a fabulous discount!

Ponderosa is offering four different coupons that can be applied to the either the lunch or dinner buffet. With one coupon, you can get a 6 oz Sirloin for only $2.89. Another coupon offers a basketful of delicious friend shrimp for only $2.99. You can also get a half pound Rib Eye or Sirlon by simply adding $3.99. There is a coupon corresponding for each. These are four wonderful meal deals from Ponderosa that you surely can’t resist.

The coupons are good only until January 31, 2013. Be sure to secure yours today. Coupons are valid at any time, provided that they are added to your lunch or dinner buffet order. The coupon can’t be used with other discounts or any other promotional offers. One coupon can be used for as many as six persons at a time. Visit the participating Ponderosa Steakhouses for more details. But do note that coupons can’t be used during holidays.

Ohio residents are sure going to have a kick with these mouth-watering Ponderosa Steakhouse coupons. Order a buffet meal for your family and enjoy great tasting steak at an ultra-low price. Drive over to Ponderosa today along with your coupons. Treat your family and friends to a hearty lunch. Use each coupon before they expire to gain maximum discount.

Ponderosa offers the best family meal in town. Head on over to the steakhouse tonight for dinner and serve your family the heartiest meal. Dig in the special steaks and extend the enjoyment of the holiday season.

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