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Get the McDonald’s and Burger King Apps to Grab the Latest Coupons!

Who doesn’t love to eat fast food every now and then (or even every day!)? Well, now you can save while enjoying your favorite burgers, fries, and drinks by downloading the official mobile apps of McDonald’s and Burger King and grabbing the coupons they offer. It’s a great way to… Get this coupon..

Latest Fast Food Offers from Burger King 2014

Burger King is one of the well-loved burger chains in the country, possibly all over the world. Right now, they have several irresistible deals that the food hunter in you will definitely enjoy. Drop by Burger King’s official website and check out six exciting coupons to avail of today. Offer… Get this coupon..

Burger King Coupons – Fresh Sundae For Only $0.50

Burger King sundae has surely never tasted this good. At least that’s what the chain is claiming with this irresistible offer. Get one serving of the Burger King sundae, either in a cone or in a cup, for only $0.50 at any participating store. This offer can definitely satisfy all… Get this coupon..

12 Burger King Coupons

Burger King is not only known for their delicious burgers and sandwiches but also for the generous coupons that give a lot of discounts on everything in their menu. This time they have overdone themselves and are offering 12 different coupons, starting from free offers to discount meals. Those who… Get this coupon..

$1 Burger King Offer – Fruit Smoothies

For those Burger King fans who are looking for a small fresh drink to go with their meal, there is a great promotion going on. For a limited time only, you can get a small fresh fruit smoothie for only $1. These smoothies are freshly made from real fruit just… Get this coupon..