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Carls Jr Coupon – California Double Cheese Burger Combo Only $4.99

Carl’s Jr was founded more than 75 years ago on July 17, 1941, by Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret. The husband-and-wife team started with a hot-dog cart in Los Angeles, which later progressed to a full-service restaurant in 1945. Carl expanded his business by opening two Carl’s Jr restaurants… Get this coupon..

Carl’s Jr. Coupons – $1 Off Sea Salt & Caramel Shake and More

If you want to enjoy a good discount at Carl’s Jr., then go straight to their coupon deals page from their website and see what exciting discounted meals are in store for you. This month through June 8th, 2014, the coupon deal featured is for the Charbroiled Cod Fish Sandwich… Get this coupon..
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Carl’s Jr Fast Food Coupon – Get A Huge Meal at $1 Off

Carl’s Jr is one of the most popular hamburger chains in the world. And that’s not really surprising because they serve fresh meals too. And with this new coupon that they just released, all the more you have reason to visit the place. Carl’s Jr is currently offering a $1… Get this coupon..

Carl’s Jr. Coupons – Get $1 Off Maple Sausage Egg And Cheese

In this era, when everyone is part of a rat race and time is of essence, fast food sells! The rush is never ending and fast food chains have seen higher rates of growth than they had ever imagined. Having its foundation way back in the year 1941, Carl’s Jr.… Get this coupon..

Carl’s Jr. Coupon Jim Bean Bourbon Burger Combo Coupon

Do you want to enjoy a $1 discount off a juicy burger meal? Then head off at a Carl’s Jr. Restaurant along with your online coupon to get it. The $1 off coupon is valid with any size of the Jim Beam Bourbon Burger Combo that is offered exclusively at… Get this coupon..

$1 Carls Jr Coupon – Fish Sandwich Combo

Have you decided to eat healthy? Then start the day right with the Fish Sandwich Combo that is available only at Carl’s Jr. Print, cut, and bring the coupon to the nearest Carl’s Jr. store near you and enjoy the $1 discount be deducted from your purchase. But more than… Get this coupon..

Carl’s Jr Coupon – Free Coke Zero

Carl’s Jr has joined the holiday coupon craze with free Coke Zero offer. Simply purchase a Jalapeno Turkey Burger at a regular price and you’ll get a tall drink for free. Indulge in this great-tasting burger and pair it with the best soda – Coke with zero sugar content. That’s… Get this coupon..

Carls Jr Coupon For Free Small Beverage

Who doesn’t like Carl’s Jr. The reason why we have grown to like Carl’s Jr because of the delicious choices their menu has to offer and the pace in which their food is made at. Despite having good food that’s not the only thing Carl’s Jr provides. They offer some… Get this coupon..