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Taco Bueno Coupons – Get A Free Taco

There is something unique about Mexican cuisine that sets it apart from the rest. The blend of crunch with a twist of aroma – Mexican dishes are, to put it in words – fine creation of experiment. Be it the Tacos, the Nachos or the Quesadillas, there is a wide range of dishes to choose from! Multiple Mexican cuisine restaurants are springing up of late, however Taco Bueno has been right at the forefront in this domain for many years! With a delicious platter, Taco Bueno is certainly a must visit for those looking to munch on some interesting Mexican delicacies.

Taco Bueno is now offering a great scheme! Going by the scheme of ‘teaching Tex-Mex offenders see the error of their ways’, Taco Bueno aims at luring individuals who have not tried their offerings before. All you need to do is send an invite to any of your friends. If this referral turns to be fruitful, both you and your friend stand to get a free taco! The idea is akin to that of viral marketing! Only one coupon allowed per customer per visit, and it is valid only at participating locations. The offer expires on the 7th of November, 2013 and is applicable only to the first 30,000 customers! So rush to your nearest Taco Bueno with the coupon, today!

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