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Wendy’s Offer – $1.99 Kids Meal

The holiday season fever isn’t over yet as Wendy’s is extending yet another exciting offer with their $1.99 kid’s meal. With every purchase, you get a $10 gift card that is valid at all participating Toys R Us store. This two-in-one offer is for doting parents who wants to give their kids the best Christmas gift this year.

The kid’s meal is composed of Juicy Juice, apple slices, and the kid’s 4-piece nuggets. But apart from this great tasting meal, kids are also given the $10 gift card that they can claim at participating Toys R Us branches. Get your kid the best meal and the perfect gift to go along with it. The gift card can be applied to Toys R Us for purchases of $75 or more.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Get the coupon and unwrap one of the eight toy surprises that come in each kid’s meal. This is Wendy’s special way of giving fun and fabulous gifts to your kids this holiday season. The gift card is placed inside the toy bag. Present the gift card to participating Toys R Us outlets to redeem your gift right away.

Simply print the kid’s meal coupon and head on for Wendy’s. One coupon is honored per customer visit. Coupon can’t be combined with other offerings and can’t be altered, sold, exchanged, transferred, or copied. Simply present the coupon upon order and the kid’s meal bag will come with gift card that can be redeemed at participating Toys R Us branches.

With this offer, Wendy’s is giving away great gifts to all the nice girls and boys all year round. Make your kid’s holidays ultra happy today. Treat them to the $1.99 meal and get the $10 Toys R Us Gift Card automatically.

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