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White Castle Coupon: Cake Freebies You Can’t Resist

From now until the last day of this year, White Castle is giving away free Brownie on a Stick or a free Festive Cheesecake on a Stick for combo meal buyers. All combos are valid, for as long as you have the coupon right there with you. Present it to the counter and enjoy a tasty slice of a cake on a stick all for free!

Hurry! You only have December 31, 2012 to avail of this promo. Note that the offer is not valid for use with any other discounts, coupons, online offers, or other specials. You also have to get the original coupon. Copies won’t be entertained. Only one coupon can be used by a customer at a time. Check out which White Castle food chain near you accepts the offer and drive over to it fast!
The White Castle cake is still the best way to finish off a satisfying White Castle meal. The desert is perfect for all of those with a sweet tooth. The cake comes absolutely free with your coupon – no reason why you shouldn’t indulge while the offers hot. After all, nothing caps lunch or dinner better than a slice of a sweet cake.

Just give in to your cravings. With this cool freebie coupon from White Castle, you are getting more value for your money. Print your coupon today and use it before the promotion expires out on you. You only have two weeks from today to avail of the free cake slice. After December 31, no more coupons will be honored so you better hurry. It may take quite a while before another White Castle coupon as cool as this comes your way. Don’t miss up on this chance and enjoy a hearty meal from one of the leading restaurants in the US. Grab a coupon today and visit a White Castle diner right after.

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