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xtramart free cup of coffee offer

Everyone knows that feeling when you are down in the dumps and need a bit of a pick-me-up to keep yourself going. Some people turn to vitamins or some choose the classic espresso. Others go for the tried and tested cup of coffee. But as many of us know, the prices of coffee at some retailers and cafes are out of this world. Xtramart have tried to offer you who need that coffee to kickstart the day or keep the day going a free cup of coffee. On the 1st of every month, you can avail of a free freshly brewed cup of coffee at all participating Xtramart stores. In addition to this, by just giving the Xtramart page a simple ‘like’ on Facebook, you can get an extra free cup of coffee. If you get it done soon, you could sample the limited time only ‘Blueberry Bomb’ flavour that has just been released. It only takes a second to click that ‘like’ button and you could walk out of an Xtramart with a fee cup of coffee the next time you visit. Make sure to come back on the 1st of every month too!

Xtra Mart Coupons Update 2014

Free 5 oz Bag of Flipz Pretzels. Expires:7/31/2014. Download the coupon here.

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